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The YiJing App is a four-in-one mobile application that chats with ChatGPT, learns Yi jing knowledge, uses AI Yijing knowledge for fortune-telling, and creates AI-generated content to share and subscribe with friends. Protect your privacy, registration and login users do not need to provide any personal information!


The first one million users, after enter the introducer user ID on the profile editing page, can get 2 weeks of VIP for free, and the introducer can get 1 more week of VIP accumulation until one year. Act now, share with friends, both parties will benefit.

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Tab to Win game is now online!

Yijing Points, in short, is a social clicker game. Players who want to earn coins in the game can open the Yijing GPT app, click the game button, invite friends to join the game, and start playing.

Once you enter the game, a coin appears on the screen--you tap on it to earn an in-game currency called Yijing Points. Your limited energy slowly depletes over time and then refills, so you can't just tap endlessly without getting blocked.
As you earn more and more Yijing Points, you'll climb up the global leaderboard.

Players can also use "boosts" or enhancements in the game that increase their earning potential. There are two categories of free boosts that refresh daily, the "Full Energy" and "Turbo" boosts, as well as additional permanent boosts that players can purchase with their Yi Jing Points. There is also an auto-clicker bot that continues to collect coins while you're away.


YiJing VIP SocialFi


Premium VIP

1000-5999 USDT


 Ambassador VIP

6000-9999 USDT


Founder VIP

10,000 and More USDT

Did you regret missing out on Shiba tokens? Well, don't miss the next opportunity! Yijing VIP has launched, the earlier you join, the higher the potential gains. Moreover, the more people you refer, the greater the rewards you'll receive. Get ready for Yijing Coin, destined to reach the moon!
After joining, please use your exclusive sharing link to replace the link above and share it on social platforms to maximize your gains

The total issuance of Yijing Coin is 1 trillion coins. It is planned to start trading on decentralized exchanges from October 1 and officially be listed on digital asset exchanges before March 31 next year.

Yijing VIP Member Reward Mechanism

・The direct referral reward is 30% of the joining fee.
・The referral reward is 10% of the joining fee.
・The two random referral rewards are 10% of the joining fee each.
・Each of the 10 layers of the matrix will receive a 1% joining fee reward.
・100% cashback of joining fee by USDT from VIP smart contract, and the rest are NFTs rewards calculated at 0.01u.
・Members of Premium VIP or above can redeem NFTs into USDT or Yijing Coin every two weeks, and members of Standard VIP can redeem NFTs into Yijing Coin. The exchange price before listing on the decentralized exchange is 0.0001u per Yijing Coin, and then it is the average market transaction price within 15 days.

To Members of the Yijing App

Check in on the app every day, you can mint 100 yijing Coins for free into your cryptocurrency wallet. Additionally, you have the option to use Matic Coins to mint your favorite Yijing metaverse and Yijing hexagram as an NFT.

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